Canopy Birding

Both of us have extensive birding experience in the American tropics and have led many birding trips to rainforest areas in Central and South America. Due to the thousands of hours we have spent in the rainforest canopy, we have special interests in and experience with the birds of that realm. We offer private rainforest birding tours for individuals and small groups with an interest in spending time birding in the forest canopy. We can provide the equipment and training necessary for safe birding a hundred to a hundred and fifty feet above the ground, up in the domain of the Harpy Eagles, macaws, parrots, toucans, cotingas, fruitcrows, tyrannulets, honeycreepers, and tanagers.


 King Vulture © Paul Donahue
 Harpy Eagle © Paul Donahue


 Black-headed Parrot © Paul Donahue
 Orange-cheeked Parrot © Paul Donahue


 Chestnut-eared Aracari © Paul Donahue
 Yellow-ridged Toucan © Paul Donahue


 White-necked Puffbird © Paul Donahue
 Black-banded Owl © Winty Harrington


 Squirrel Cuckoo © Paul Donahue
 Red and Green Macaws near their nest © John Baird


 Purple Honeycreeper © Frank Gallo
 Green and Gold Tanager © Paul Donahue

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