Treetop Explorations specializes in providing access to the forest canopy for researchers, students, photographers, film crews, birdwatchers, ecotourists, and others. Our work consists of the construction of canopy walkways, observation platforms and other canopy access systems, as well as instruction in climbing and safety techniques for visiting and working in the canopy.


 Aerial view of the ACEER Canopy Walkway.

   We have worked in temperate as well as tropical environments, but our area of particular emphasis is in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. Working with local crews, we have constructed two canopy walkways in the rainforests of Latin America - the 250 meter long Rainmaker Mountain Canopy Walkway in Costa Rica and the 450 meter long ACEER Canopy Walkway in northern Peru. The ACEER walkway, the world's longest, is located at the Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research on the Rio Napo near Iquitos.


 Birding from the ACEER Canopy Walkway.

   Aside from the canopy walkways, we have also constructed dozens of canopy observation platforms in the rainforest canopies of the Manu Biosphere Reserve and the Tambopata-Candamo Reserve of southeastern Peru, and the Mbaracayú Forest Nature Reserve of eastern Paraguay.


 Wildlife film crew on canopy platform in the Manu Biosphere Reserve of southeastern Peru.

   Working closely with ecotourism lodges in the Amazon Basin, and participating in numerous rainforest workshops, we have taught thousands of visitors to use climbing gear and helped them to safely climb into the forest canopy on ropes.


 Children's Rainforest Workshop participant learning to climb.

   Dedicated to protection of the environment, Treetop Explorations puts a strong emphasis on ensuring that our work has a minimal impact on the forest.


 Paraguayan biologist Miguel Morales ascends into the forest canopy of the Mbaracayú Forest Nature Reserve.

Treetop Explorations also offers private rainforest birding tours for individuals and small groups with an interest in spending time birding in the forest canopy.

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