Manu Wildlife Center

In June of 2000 Treetop Explorations began planning and mapping the route for a canopy walkway at the Manu Wildlife Center, along the north bank of the Rio Madre de Dios, east of Manu Biosphere Reserve in southeastern Peru. A 1.3 kilometer (approx.1 mile) long route was chosen for the walkway which, when completed, will make it the longest in the world. The walkway will be built for and owned by the Conservation Association for the Southern Rainforest of Peru (ACSS or Selva Sur). It will be used for ecotourism, with the profits going towards the purchase of forestland and other conservation projects in the area. Construction is slated to begin in March 2001.


 Spiral staircase to an observation platform about 100 feet up in a large Ceiba tree at Manu Wildlife Center.

Photo by Irene Schellings

A view along a future span of the Manu Wildlife Center canopy walkway. 

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