Material for InkaNatura Guides

names and email addresses from 2008 guides course (Microsoft Word document)

letter sent to InkaNatura - February 2008 (pdf document)

bird checklists from 2008 guides course (8 January - 19 February 2008)

Waypoints and track logs for Dptos. Cusco & Madre de Dios - a .kml file that can be opened with Google Earth. It includes waypoints from along the road from Cusco to Atalaya, along the Rio Alto Madre de Dios, Rio Madre de Dios, and Rio Manu, showing the locations of lodges, birding spots, etc. as well as track logs showing the course of the Cusco-Atalaya road and the trail systems at Manu Wildlife Center and Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge. (download .kml file)

A NATURAL SYSTEMS GLOSSARY - A Glossary of Environmental, Biological, Zoological, Botanical, Ecological, Biogeographical, Evolutionary, Taxonomic, Hydrologic, Geographic, Geomorphologic, Geophysical and Meteorological Terms (download pdf file)

Field Museum link for downloading plates of plants and animals -

xeno-canto has thousands of bird vocalizations available for listening or download, including most Peruvian bird species -

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species has good text and detailed range maps for all or nearly all the Peruvian reptiles and amphibians and many other groups -

CalPhotos has good photos for many Peruvian reptiles and amphibians and many other groups or organisms -

Recording of Scaled Antpitta (Grallaria guatimalensis) from the Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge (the recording on the Voices of Andean Birds CD is of a different subspecies). (download .mp3 file)

The Tambopata-Candamo Reserved Zone of Southeastern Perú: A Biological Assessment - (download pdf file - 1.6 MB )

Jaguars of the Pantanal (download pdf file - 90.9 MB)

Powerpoint presentations

Scientific articles on birds

My essays

Links on Peruvian birds

Audio recording data for xeno-canto